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i can fly this thing

Aegis has pretty thoroughly demonstrated to whom it may concern that she can teleport, "just like" (well, not exactly) Sue. Everyone finds this terrifying and prefers to believe that they cannot do this. (Except for the colonists, who are more than happy to keep quiet about her appearances and the fact that she arrived with their deceased comrades in tow.) Therefore, when Aegis and Sue are supposed to show up to meetings of the admirality on this or that space station, they travel by shuttle. Aegis consents provided she's allowed to drive. They let her.

"Undocking," says Aegis to the station operator, coppered hands flying over ship controls. She doesn't need the copper anymore - she's better without it now than she ever was relying solely on it - but she doesn't need to reveal all her secrets, so she still wears the parts that show beyond her uniform. She's used to it, anyway. "And we're detached - maneuvering - and we're clear."

"Safe trip, Admiral," says the station operator over the comm.

"You know it," she replies flippantly. She punches a button and flicks a wireball control, and they're off.
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Sue rides up front with her, for the simple reason that no one can stop him.

He giggles.
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"Still kinda weird," opines Sue. "But whatever, who expects the IF to make sense?"
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He giggles again.

"How much attention do you have to pay this thing, anyway? Wanna make out?"
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Sue beams and kisses her.
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Lovely, lovely kisses.
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[Fuck!] says Sue, which in context is probably agreement.
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[What the hell just happened?] Jane wants to know.
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[No, I mean,] says Jane, [I lost three seconds here. And - more than that. Everywhere else.]